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          Baoti Specialty Metals Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, which has 27 professional r&d staff, successively took on a number of national, provincial, municipal innovation fund projects, national torch plan, provincial major science and technology innovation special fund project etc. On behalf of the industry, the company has taken the lead to formulate and issue four industry standards, including Mo-Al master alloy for titanium alloy. Company has 6 national invention patents, 11 utility model patents, won the prize of 9th Chinese patent excellence award, Shaanxi famous brand product for 2016 V-Al, Mo-Al master alloy.

          Company often makes surveys and forecast about advanced manufacture technology and market, compares the development of technology and economy to make technology available, economic beneficial decision, constantly develop new products suitable for national policy support area. While producing the first generation of products, we trail-produce the second generation, develop the third generation, and envision the fourth generation.

          The company has developed more than 20 kinds of master alloy for titanium and become the most varieties of master alloy enterprise, ranging from binary components alloy to five components alloy.

          Company develops titanium seamless cathode roller with a specification ofФ1500mm, Ф2000mm. On the basis of these products, we have developed an alternative to importedФ2700mm cathode roller equipment which has high efficiency and can produce high quality copper foil products.

          The material of plate heat exchanger: stainless steel, titanium and titanium alloy, nickel and nickel alloy, B30 alloy, hastelloy, monel alloy, 310s etc. The heat transfer area: 0.03~1.337m2.

          We develop ordinary pressure , pressure vessel(heat exchange, react, separate and store) and environmental equipment.

          We have developed refractory metal material and high temperature hydrogen sintering furnace.

          We supply high-end products needed by the new field market, such as titanium medical appliance, forgings for aerospace use, architectural decoration products, energy panel and so on.

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